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including throughout campuses throughout the u.s.>> there is a passion for anyo that believes in the bible. >> he started it in 2006. >> we have received from israel, the word of god, the patriarchsthe prophets of the old testament. we have received mary, joseph, and jesus. >> cufi is the largest the united states. the summit attracted several proisrael lawmakers and tough words for the obama administration from both sides of the aisle regarding israel. >> this administration has become the most antiisrael administration in american history. >> when the administration seized every opportunity to criticize israel for building apartments for its people in the undisputed neighborhoods in east jerusalem creating a crisis uncessary, unwise, and bad for israel, i spoke out and condemned the actions of the administration. >> reception different for israeli prime nister, benjamin netanyahu. he appearedvia satellite while michael oren high lighted the global growth of antisemitism. it wrapped up on thursday with delegates heading to capitol hill on behalf of israel. >> erick stakelbeck joins us no
in america. >> i could be in the states if i want. i'm a permane resident of the u.s. i can live there. if i want to. but god called me to be here. his school grown from 65 studts to 1400 and 500 of those arhere on scholarship. since losing family to the earthquake in port-au-prince much there is no free education in haiti. >> someone told me it doesn't cost anything. >> a dream came true in 2005 he brought electr to the school and pignon for the first time. thanks to a generator donald trump donateded to him he has 600 customers in the city. >> eve month we put a meter and receive a bill. >> his brightest lights are his students pignon's future. he is at work turning his old home to orphanage to care for the children who have been left without family. one village at a time we can change our country. one person at a time we change our school. one famil at a time we can change the community that is the opportunity in front of us and that's what -- that's the drive force to stay her and continue the lord work here. >> 2 brotrs determined to make a differencat home. cbn news, pignon, hait
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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